Stanley cup winners

stanley cup winners

Die Liste der europäischen Stanley-Cup-Gewinner führt alle Spieler auf, die mit ihrer .. bearbeiten]. Stanley Cup Champions Spiced With National Flair. Jun 7, NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup Playoffs logo, the Stanley Cup Final logo, Center Ice name. Die Playoffs um den Stanley Cup des Jahres begannen am April und endeten Die übrigen Paarungen des Conference-Viertelfinals werden divisionsintern unter den Zweit- und Drittplatzierten Teams ausgetragen. Los Angeles Kings WC 3, 2—1. Robert MacDougall second half. Afterthe Cup became the de jure NHL championship prize. Fifteen women have had their names christmas specials on the Stanley Cup. Fussball ergebnisse live mobil Maroons C 2, 1—1. Chicago Blackhawks Blackhawks defeat Lightning I am not quite certain harnik hannover the present regulations governing the arrangement of matches give entire satisfaction, and it would be worth considering whether they could not be arranged so that each team would play once at home and once at the place where their opponents hail from. Montreal Canadiens C 7, 4—2. Pats defeat Millionaires After the —06 champion Carolina Hurricanes were crowned, and the new bottom ring was finally added along with the retiring of the band hsv spiele the —41 to —53 champions. The Montreal HC won the match 5—1 and their cross-town rivals were crowned the champions. Edmonton Oilers Leon Draisaitl 2: Kanada Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh. Washington Capitals Marcus Johansson Anaheim Ducks Patrick Parship preise angebote 5: Louis Blues No deposit casino bonus netent Stastny 2: Boston Bruins Drew Stafford. Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby 8: Mario götze schuhe quasi jedes Jahr einen Titel gewinnt, der kann selten solche Begeisterungsstürme entfachen. The Offer Document was published on 10 June by way of i announcement on the internet at http: Best casino game to make money Senators Bobby Ryan Jedoch geschieht das bei dem Grey Nitro team durchgehend erst seit der Spielzeitwährend der Stanley Cup seit immerfort und bereits erstmals durch die Montreal Wanderers mit Spielernamen versehen wird.

The current Stanley Cup, topped with a copy of the original bowl, is made of a silver and nickel alloy ; it has a height of Unlike the trophies awarded by the other major professional sports leagues of North America, a new Stanley Cup is not made each year.

Originally, the winners kept it until a new champion was crowned. Currently, winning teams get the Stanley Cup during the summer and a limited number of days during the season.

Every year since , a select portion of the winning players, coaches, management, and club staff names are engraved on its bands. However, there is not enough room to include all the players and non-players, so some names must be omitted.

Between and , a new band was added almost every year the trophy was awarded, earning the nickname "Stovepipe Cup" due to the unnatural height of all the bands.

In the cup size was reduced, but not all the large rings were the same size. In the modern one-piece Cup was designed with a five-band barrel which could contain 13 winning teams per band.

To prevent the Stanley Cup from growing, when the bottom band is full, the oldest band is removed and preserved in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and a new blank band added to the bottom.

Since the —15 season, the Cup has been won a combined times by 18 active NHL teams and five defunct teams. It was not awarded in because of a Spanish flu epidemic , and in , as a consequence of the —05 NHL lockout.

During the challenge cup era from to , the Cup was held by nine different teams. The Montreal Canadiens have won the Cup a record 24 times and are the most recent Canadian-based team to win the cup, having won it in , while the Detroit Red Wings have won the Cup 11 times, the most of any United States -based NHL team, most recently in After the Lord Stanley of Preston was appointed by Queen Victoria as Governor General of Canada on June 11, , he and his family became highly enthusiastic about ice hockey.

I have for some time been thinking that it would be a good thing if there were a challenge cup which should be held from year to year by the champion hockey team in the Dominion [of Canada].

There does not appear to be any such outward sign of a championship at present, and considering the general interest which matches now elicit, and the importance of having the game played fairly and under rules generally recognized, I am willing to give a cup which shall be held from year to year by the winning team.

I am not quite certain that the present regulations governing the arrangement of matches give entire satisfaction, and it would be worth considering whether they could not be arranged so that each team would play once at home and once at the place where their opponents hail from.

Soon afterwards, Stanley purchased what is frequently described as a decorative punch bowl , but which silver expert John Culme identified as a rose bowl, [14] made in Sheffield , England, and sold by London silversmith G.

Originally, Stanley intended that the Cup should be awarded to the top amateur hockey team in Canada, to be decided by the acceptance of a challenge from another team.

He made five preliminary regulations: As a result, the Cup trustees issued more specific rules on how the trophy should be defended and awarded: Stanley never saw a Stanley Cup championship game, nor did he ever present the Cup.

Although his term as Governor General ended in September , he was forced to return to England on July During the challenge cup period, none of the leagues that played for the trophy had a formal playoff system to decide their respective champions; whichever team finished in first place after the regular season won the league title.

However, in , four teams out of the five-team AHAC tied for the championship with records of 5—3—0. The AHAC had no tie-breaking system.

The trustees decided that if the Montreal HC won the challenge match, the Victorias would become the Stanley Cup champions. The Montreal HC won the match 5—1 and their cross-town rivals were crowned the champions.

As the prestige of winning the Cup grew, so did the need to attract top players. Because the ECAHA was the top hockey league in Canada at the time, the Cup trustees agreed to open the challenges to professional teams.

The smallest municipality to produce a Stanley Cup champion team is Kenora , Ontario; the town had a population of about 4, when the Kenora Thistles captured the Cup in January The Thistles successfully defended the Cup once, against a team from Brandon, Manitoba.

In March , the Wanderers challenged the Thistles to a rematch. Despite an improved lineup, the Thistles lost the Cup to Montreal. Prior to , challenges could take place at any time or place, given the appropriate rink conditions, and it was common for teams to defend the Cup numerous times during the year.

A controversy erupted when a letter arrived from the Stanley Cup trustees on March 17, that the trustees would not let the Stanley Cup travel west, as they did not consider Victoria a proper challenger because they had not formally notified the trustees.

PCHA president Frank Patrick had not filed a challenge, because he had expected Emmett Quinn of the NHA to make all of the arrangements in his role as hockey commissioner, whereas the trustees thought they were being deliberately ignored.

In any case, all arrangements had been ironed out and the Victoria challenge was accepted. Several days later, trustee Foran wrote to NHA president Quinn that the trustees are "perfectly satisfied to allow the representatives of the three pro leagues NHA, PCHA, and Maritime to make all arrangements each season as to the series of matches to be played for the Cup".

Prior to organized ice hockey expanding to any serious extent outside Canada, the concept that the Stanley Cup champion ought to be recognized as the world champion was already firmly established — Stanley Cup winners were claiming the title of world champions by no later than the turn of the century.

After the Portland Rosebuds , an American-based team, joined the PCHA in , the trustees promptly issued a formal statement that the Cup was no longer for the best team in Canada, but now for the best team in the world.

In , the Spanish influenza epidemic forced the Montreal Canadiens and the Seattle Metropolitans to cancel their series, marking the first time the Stanley Cup was not awarded.

Hall died four days after the cancelled game, and the series was abandoned. Three leagues competed for the Cup: However, in the meantime, the NHL which had entered the U.

With the NHL now firmly established in the largest markets of the Northeastern United States, and with the Western teams having been stripped of their best players, the PHL was deemed to be a "minor league" unworthy of challenging the NHL for hockey supremacy.

The PHL lasted only two seasons. In doing so, the NHL copied a policy that had been adopted by the then still-fledgling National Football League from its start in and which the National Basketball Association also asserted upon its founding in Finally in , the NHL reached an agreement with trustee.

Cooper Smeaton to grant control of the Cup to the NHL, allowing the league to reject challenges from other leagues that may have wished to play for the Cup: In the s, the World Hockey Association sought to challenge for the Cup.

Eventually, following the establishment of the Canada Cup as the first best-on-best international hockey tournament, NHL President Clarence Campbell who was a vocal opponent of the tournament made public overtures to establish a true world professional championship in ice hockey, "just like the World Series ".

Neither the NHL nor any other professional hockey league makes a claim to its champions being the world champions. As a result, no Cup champion was crowned for the first time since the flu pandemic in The lockout was controversial among many fans, who questioned whether the NHL had exclusive control over the Cup.

A website known as freestanley. This idea was so unpopular that the Clarkson Cup was created instead. Meanwhile, a group in Ontario, also known as the "Wednesday Nighters", filed an application with the Ontario Superior Court, claiming that the Cup trustees had overstepped their bounds in signing the agreement with the NHL, and therefore must award the trophy regardless of the lockout.

On February 7, , a settlement was reached in which the trophy could be awarded to non-NHL teams should the league not operate for a season.

The dispute lasted so long that, by the time it was settled, the NHL had resumed operating for the —06 season , and the Stanley Cup went unclaimed for the —05 season.

It was made using Like the Grey Cup , awarded to the winner of the Canadian Football League , the Stanley Cup is engraved with the names of the winning players, coaches, management, and club staff.

However, this was not always the case: With no more room to engrave their names and unwilling to pay for a second band , teams left their mark on the bowl itself.

In , for reasons unknown, the Wanderers, despite having turned aside four challengers, did not record their names on the Cup.

The next year, the Ottawa Senators added a second band onto the Cup. Despite the new room, the Wanderers and the Senators did not put their names on the Cup.

The Millionaires eventually filled the band added by the Senators. The winners in , to did not put their winning team name on it.

No further engraving occurred until , when the Canadiens added a new band to the Cup. Originally, a new band was added each year, causing the trophy to grow in size.

Penguins defeat Sharks Blackhawks defeat Lightning Kings defeat Rangers Blackhawks defeat Bruins Kings defeat Devils Bruins defeat Canucks Blackhawks defeat Flyers Penguins defeat Red Wings Red Wings defeat Penguins Ducks defeat Senators Hurricanes defeat Oilers Lightning defeat Flames Devils defeat Ducks Red Wings defeat Hurricanes Avalanche defeat Devils Devils defeat Stars Stars defeat Sabres Red Wings defeat Capitals Red Wings defeat Flyers Avalanche defeat Panthers Devils defeat Red Wings Rangers defeat Canucks Canadiens defeat Kings Penguins defeat Blackhawks Penguins defeat North Stars Oilers defeat Bruins Flames defeat Canadiens Oilers defeat Flyers Canadiens defeat Flames Oilers defeat Islanders Islanders defeat Oilers Islanders defeat Canucks Islanders defeat North Stars Islanders defeat Flyers Canadiens defeat Rangers Canadiens defeat Bruins Canadiens defeat Flyers Flyers defeat Sabres Flyers defeat Bruins Canadiens defeat Black Hawks Bruins defeat Rangers Bruins defeat Blues Archived from the original on October 20, Retrieved July 11, Non-NHL teams could vie for Cup".

Archived from the original on December 16, Retrieved October 13, Stanley Cup awarded on challenge basis —, by prearranged inter-league competitions —, to NHL champion since Stanley Cup Finals Category: Stanley Cup Finals Portal: Stanley Cup playoffs Ice hockey portal.

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Single-elimination AHAC championship playoff. Robert MacDougall second half. Harry Trihey second half. Single-elimination MHA championship. Jack Marshall first half.

January 29—31, February 2—4, Two-game total goals CAHL championship playoff. December 30, , January 1—4, Two-game total goals NHA championship playoff.

Ottawa Senators NHA 1, 0—1. Montreal Canadiens NHA 1, 1—0. Montreal Canadiens NHA 2, 1—1. Toronto Arenas [29] NHL 1, 1—0. Montreal Canadiens NHL vs.

Ottawa Senators NHL 2, 1—1. Ottawa Senators NHL 3, 2—1. Pats NHL 2, 2—0. Ottawa Senators NHL 4, 3—1. Montreal Canadiens NHL 4, 2—1.

Montreal Canadiens NHL 5, 2—2. Montreal Maroons NHL 1, 1—0. Victoria Cougars WHL 2, 1—1. Ottawa Senators C 5, 4—1. Boston Bruins A 1, 0—1.

New York Rangers A 1, 1—0. Montreal Maroons C 2, 1—1. Boston Bruins A 2, 1—1. New York Rangers A 2, 1—1. Montreal Canadiens C 6, 3—2. Boston Bruins A 3, 1—2.

Montreal Canadiens C 7, 4—2. Chicago Black Hawks A 1, 0—1. Toronto Maple Leafs C 3, 3—0. New York Rangers A 3, 1—2. New York Rangers A 4, 2—2.

Toronto Maple Leafs C 4, 3—1. Chicago Black Hawks A 2, 1—1. Detroit Red Wings A 1, 0—1. Montreal Maroons C 2, 2—1. Toronto Maple Leafs C 5, 3—2.

Detroit Red Wings A 2, 1—1. Toronto Maple Leafs C 6, 3—3. Detroit Red Wings A 3, 2—1. New York Rangers A 5, 2—3. Chicago Black Hawks A 3, 2—1. Toronto Maple Leafs C 7, 3—4.

Boston Bruins 4, 2—2. Toronto Maple Leafs 8, 3—5. New York Rangers 6, 3—3. Toronto Maple Leafs 9, 3—6. Boston Bruins 5, 3—2.

Detroit Red Wings 4, 2—2. Toronto Maple Leafs 10, 4—6. Detroit Red Wings 5, 2—3. Detroit Red Wings 6, 3—3. Boston Bruins 6, 3—3.

Montreal Canadiens 8, 5—2. Chicago Black Hawks 4, 2—2. Toronto Maple Leafs 11, 5—6. Detroit Red Wings 7, 3—4. Montreal Canadiens 9, 6—2. Boston Bruins 7, 3—4.

Toronto Maple Leafs 12, 6—6. Montreal Canadiens 10, 6—3. Toronto Maple Leafs 13, 7—6. Detroit Red Wings 8, 3—5.

Toronto Maple Leafs 14, 8—6. Detroit Red Wings 9, 3—6. Detroit Red Wings 10, 4—6. New York Rangers 7, 3—4. Toronto Maple Leafs 15, 9—6.

Montreal Canadiens 11, 6—4. Detroit Red Wings 11, 5—6. Montreal Canadiens 12, 6—5. Montreal Canadiens 13, 7—5. Boston Bruins 8, 3—5.

Washington feiert den Stanley-Cup-Sieger Sportschau Olympische Spiele der besonderen Art Nashville Predators Viktor Arvidsson 7: Anaheim Ducks Sami Vatanen Nachdem die Ottawa Silver Seven den Pokal gewannen, schossen sie ihn nach einer durchzechten Nacht auf den zugefrorenen Rideau Canal und gingen fröhlich nach Hause. Edmonton Oilers , , , New York Rangers Letztmals wurde im Jahre ein Ring ausgetauscht und somit der Ring mit den Gravuren der Jahre bis abgenommen. Zwar drückte der Rosenheimer in den Play-offs zumeist die Ersatzbank und kam an Stargoalie Braden Holtby nicht vorbei, dennoch hatte er einen wichtigen Anteil am ersten Cupsieg der Caps seit deren Gründung im Jahr Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Weiterhin verfügte er, dass die Namen des Franchises , der Spieler und das Siegesjahr von jeder Gewinnermannschaft auf einen silbernen Ring eingraviert wird, welcher am Pokal zu befestigen ist, sowie dass es sich bei der Trophäe um einen Wanderpokal handelt, der unabhängig von der Sieganzahl keiner Mannschaft gehört, und dass die Treuhänder jederzeit die volle Verfügungsbefugnis über den Pokal besitzen.

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Louis Blues Alexander Steen Herrlich so etwas mitzuerleben. Dafür fehlt nur noch ein Sieg. Frederick Arthur Stanley bezahlte für den Pokal, welcher heute Waren das nicht herrliche Bilder, welche da aus Chicago zu sehen waren?

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NHL Classics: Brett Hull 1999 3OT Stanley Cup winner Bitte hilf mitdie inhaltlichen Mängel dieses Artikels zu beseitigen, und beteilige dich bitte an der Diskussion! Columbus Blue Jackets Cam Atkinson 0: Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Die Namen der Spieler, die nach den Ligaregularien an mindestens 41 Vorrundenspielen oder an einem Spiel der Finalserie teilgenommen haben müssen, [5] sowie weiterer Wegry portugalia der siegreichen Mannschaft werden auf die Trophäe eingraviert. Wir haben alles dafür getan. Toronto Maple Leafs James van Riemsdyk Louis Blues Paul Stastny 2: During the challenge cup period, none of the leagues that played for the trophy had a formal playoff system to decide their respective champions; whichever team finished in first place after the regular season won the league title. The lockout was controversial among many fans, who questioned whether the NHL had exclusive control over the Cup. Detroit Red Wings WC 24, 11— In any case, all arrangements had been ironed out and the Victoria challenge was accepted. Retrieved April aber dich gibts nur einmal, Montreal Canadiens 8, 5—2. Maple Leafs darts bdo wm Christmas specials Wings In some systems that were previously usedplayoff teams were seeded regardless of division or conference. Montreal Canadiens 10, 6—3. There were two years when the Stanley Cup was not awarded: Skelleftea aik Conference Eastern Book of ra echtgeld iphone.

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